What is a digital product?

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How do you access a digital product?
How do you consume a digital product?

Are you a graduate or a post-graduate interested to start your career in digital product domain? Are you thinking of starting your career in Digital product, OR are you at cross-roads of picking a suitable career of your choice OR are you curious about the whole domain of digital products?

We are accustomed to physical products and their meaning, while the concept of digital products is quite new, and hence, might not be very clear for everyone, unless explained. What IS a digital product then?

Is it my iPhone, Blackberry, or the Software I downloaded on my PC, or the apps on my phone?

Is Facebook a digital product?

Or is it the big softwares like Salesforce, SAP, Oracle?

Exactly – Digital product covers a huge space in the corporate world as well as in our daily lives.

I define the Digital products by using few unique characteristics that helps to differentiate the digital products from physical products. To put it simply, in broad terms, these characteristics could be explained as the A B C D E of digital products. These are:


A - Access i.e. How do we access the digital product?

B - Build i.e. How do we build the digital product?

C - Consume i.e. How do we use the digital product?

D - Dimension i.e. What is the dimension of the digital product?

E - Earn i.e. How do we buy & sell and eventually earn from the digital product?


The above characteristics makes the product a 'digital product' and unique in its existence from other physical or electronic products. For e.g. a Digital Camera in itself is an electronic device and doesn't have the unique characteristics to be defined as a 'Digital Product'.

I will explain the above characteristics ABCDE in detail in my next series of blogs. Hope this blog was useful. If you have any question related to Digital domain, write your questions to us. We will get back to you with an answer.


Thanks for reading!!


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