How do you consume a digital product?

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What is a digital product?
What is the dimension of a digital product?

In the previous blog on ‘How do you Build a digital product?’, I shared with you the characteristic ‘B’ of a digital product. In this blog, I am going to explain what I meant by the characteristic ‘C’ i.e. ‘Consume’.

We have been using various types of physical products since our childhood for multiple reasons –
to eat (spoon, plate, another cutlery)
to sleep (bed, pillow, mattress)
to travel (cycle, car, train, aeroplane)

Most of these physical products deteriorate after a certain limit of usage, needs disposing off or recycling. In case of a digital product, there is no physical wear & tear as the digital product doesn’t have a physical existence. Also, the reason people use or consume the digital product is sometimes very different to their reasons for using a physical product.

Let’s take a few examples:
Companies use softwares / digital products to automate their process, remove duplications, increase efficiency, reduce errors and in return improve their overall business and reduce costs. Individuals use it for personal use, entertainment, social connection, personal effectiveness etc.

For example:
To eat (You might use the mobile application to book a ‘take away meal’ or book a table at a restaurant)
To sleep (You might set up a customised alarm on your mobile application)
To travel (You might book your tickets online or purchase travel insurance online)

In a nutshell, if the physical product helps you in accomplishing a physical activity or job, then a digital product is either used to do transaction of information, digital services or other products with an added benefit of reducing the time, increasing efficiency, lowering cost of transaction and increasing the convenience.

I will explain the next characteristic ‘D’ (What is the Dimension the digital product?) in detail in the next blog of this series. Hope this blog was useful. If you have any question related to Digital domain, write your questions to us. We will get back to you with an answer.

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