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Our most popular online digital career course is about to be OPEN for ENROLLMENT again. In this course we show you ‘How to lay down a rock solid, proven strategy for setting your sights on the digital career you want and how to pursue it’, ‘How to master the much-required digital skills that 90% of hiring companies are looking for in a candidate?’, ‘Learn skills and strategies that will make you 3 times more employable, and keep You ahead of the curve’, and much much more…

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Sprint duration, Agile, SCRUM, digital product

What is an optimal sprint duration for an Agile SCRUM development team?

Before we answer this question, we need to take a step back and understand the philosophy behind the term ‘Sprint’ in an Agile methodology. What is a Sprint? It is an iterative cycle time in which an Agile team (comprising of developers, testers, product owners, UI/UX, business analysts etc.) does software development activities. Few attributes […]

Disagreement, scrum master, product owner, digital product, Agile

How to handle scope disagreement: Product owner vs. Scrum master in Agile

Disagreements are not always bad. It just shows that the individuals have a different opinion on a topic. Sometimes its healthy to have these disagreements to have a balance of thoughts in the team. Of course, it has to be in good spirit without getting toxic. A product owner would like to get as much […]

Team, relationship, communication, ditial product

How can a product manager build relationship with software development team?

Product manager’s role is a very exciting one, where on one hand they have to manage the customers, business stakeholders and senior management team on one hand, while on the other hand, they have to be adept at handling the delivery teams for their product. Hence, it’s a combination of both art & science in […]


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