MJMR Story:

My Job My Rules (MJMR) was founded in 2013 by 2 of London’s respected industry leaders Onkar & Himani. At one hand they were managing their own career and job responsibilities between 8 to 6 pm and on the other they were busy teaching at various forums later in the evenings.

College graduates from across universities of London came flocking to these sessions wanting to know more about ‘How to perform well in the job?’, ‘How to solve complex business problems’, ‘How to present their solutions’ to the basics of ‘How to crack a technical job interview’, ’How to kick-start their career’…this need of ‘getting the practical knowledge, skills and know how’ was the starting point for MJMR.

MJMR Vision is a simple one: TRAIN >> TRACK >> TRANSFORM

We will Train you on required digital skills, the practical steps problem solving steps and much much more…this is where most of the online training courses stop.

But, we know from personal experience that applying the concepts and getting stuck is natural process of learning. Therefore, we will help you Track your progress whether it’s while you are getting a job, or starting a new one.

We have decided to go a step further and for those of you are super committed and enthusiastic we will help you Transform your career path through personal coaching & mentoring.

Onkar Singh Lohtham

Onkar is the Chief Product Officer at Product Hub Hob. For 15 years he has single-handedly led and launched online products – big or small – generating £millions revenues. He is considered an industry ‘Go-to-guy’ when it comes to creating successful products. Onkar is a gifted leader who believes in following best practices, making tough decisions and creating innovative client-centric solutions. He has mastered the ‘Art of Synthesizing Complexity into Simplicity’ through his stellar listening and articulation skills.

Onkar founded Product Hub Hob with the sole purpose of becoming a pioneer in the ‘Science of Product Launch’. After years of diligently delivering quality work and bringing clarity to the process of quickly launching products, he is now working towards disrupting the market with building a benchmark for ‘Online Product-Production Process’.

We call him ‘Master Crafter’ for a lot of reasons. Firstly, he easily blends industry knowledge & technical know-how to visualize the end product. Secondly, he is prepared to go the extra mile to serve people with a calm composure that only masters possess. When it comes to reaching the finishing line, be it in the 10K run, cooking, or trying a new adventure, you can expect to see him busy with his clipboard crafting yet another new experience.

Himani Tiwary

Himani is an avid researcher by habit and a creative problem solver by practice. She applies her training of NLP & Executive Coaching to really understand client problems and find unique solutions that has have a flare of innovation.
She is an Electronics & Communication engineer & MBA, served the corporate world for over 10 years before taking a leap in 2013. She founded MJMR to serve the college graduate community and make an impact based on the ‘Digital Expertise’. She carries an image of ‘Hands-On CEO’ who is responsible for building the business at the same time as delivering products for clients.We call her the ‘Creative Genie’ who is always aspiring to provide creative solutions, has a never-say-die attitude and believes in having fun at work that makes challenges exciting. When not researching or engaging with people, Himani can be found listening to Tony Robbins & Dr. Deepak Chopra, baking granola bars or dancing to Bollywood tunes.

Over the years she has specialised in LIFE motto in her own way through:
Leadership – leading oneself and teams
Independence – creating your own career opportunities and roadmap
Finance – managing money so its not managing your life and
Emotions – mastering the act of emotions which drive your life everyday


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