How do you access a digital product?

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How do you build a digital product?
What is a digital product?

In the previous blog on ‘What is a Digital Product’ I shared with you the A B C D E of digital products. In this blog, I am going to explain what I meant by the characteristic ‘A’ i.e. ‘Access’.

We are very familiar with the physical products and identify them by their characteristics. Similarly, there are unique characteristics that help us define the digital product. One of these characteristics is by knowing How do you access a digital product?

Let’s take a few examples:

  • Web applications like, – You enter the url on your browser
  • Softwares like Microsoft Word, Presentation slides, Excel sheet – You download the software on your individual desktop
  • Enterprise softwares like SAP, Siebel, Oracle – You download the software at an enterprise level and access it on cloud
  • Mobile Apps like Angry birds, Whatsapp – You download the mobile app on your mobile device
  • Intelligence software like the one on Sky TV box – You use a hardware to make use of the inbuilt software

These are just a small list of examples that illustrate how we access the digital products. You will see that you cannot ‘touch’ or ‘feel’ these digital products unlike the physical products. However, in order to access these digital products, you need a medium i.e. your desktop PC, or mobile or tablet, or some other hardware like the Sky TV box.

I will explain the next characteristic ‘B’ (How do we Build the digital product) in detail in the next blog of this series. Hope this blog was useful. Share your examples of digital products based on how you access it.

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